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    VLAN Implementation


    by david ·

    Hi, looking for some advice on a project I have inherited.

    Client is setting up a Serviced Office environment in addition to their exisiting LAN.

    Existing LAN is a Win2k3/Exchange2k3 environment, DHCP, DNS, AD – nothing fancy.

    They have just refurbished the other half of the building with 20 serviced offices, some 1 person others 2 person offices. A new Harmony based phone system has also gone in meant for the whole building and is working on the exisiting company PC’s.

    They have just received a Netgear FSM 750S which was ordered by their previous IT company who has since dissapeared and as a result its now my mess 🙂

    What I was planning to do – with my limited VLAN knowledge was have each seperate office as its own VLAN ie Office 1 would be VLAN1 and an IP range of subnet, Office 2 would be VLAN2 and an IP range of subnet and so forth.

    The server, common high volume laser printers (networked), existing cheap arsed ADSL Router I was going to set as and hopefully allow access to all other VLANs while keeping all the other VLANs seperate from each other.

    The plan is to setup each office as a peer to peer network internally for their own file sharing etc and if a company wanted to take up another office I could quickly reprogram those ports to belong to the other offices vlan and therefore can access any shared files.

    At this stage the only common requirements between all the VLANs is web access, e-mail access to outside POP accounts and printing to the high volume laser printers.

    As I said earlier they all need access to the Harmony based phone system which has an interface on each PC and can access Outlook.

    I was thinking of putting a Server in on the Serviced Office side to look aftger them only and move the exisiting server into the main companies side and put another DSL connection into their to keep them seperate.

    Any hints or advice?? Any flaws or things I have missed?? As mentioned, they are currently using a cheap DSL modem/router will something better (CISCO etc) be required??

    Any help/advice will be muchly appreciated.

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