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    VLAN Issues


    by sshellhouse ·

    The VLAN works between the router (Cisco 3825) and the layer 3 switches (Cisco 3560) with DHCP enabled on devices. The dilemma is that we are running low on IP address on our VLAN1 ( and we are adding several Access points (Cisco Aironet 1130AG) to our campus across several VLANs. I wanted to group them all together ( for easy management. They work and allow you to connect to the network via the wireless but we cannot get back to them for any configuration or monitoring without using a cross over cable directly to the units. Using the Cisco Network Assistant, it reports the units online but cannot configure them.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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      by sshellhouse ·

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      How do you have the uplink port configured to the AP?
      Is it a trunk port? If so, you are most likely missing the ‘switchport trunk native vlan 1’ command from the interface.

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