VLAN Newbie...may I ask for Advice, please ?

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Thanks for your time.

VLAN please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place.

May I seek everyone's advice and recommendations, please ?....

I've included a Network Diagram (yes, it needs MUCH work, I know...hence seeking help on it, which is much appreciated by the way), which shows my initial thoughts on how to setup a VLAN at home.

The hardware in the Network Diagram I have, some I need to buy (most if it, already have the xBox, the Printer, the Windows desktops and laptops as Client-side machines).

As of last week, I am totally new to VLAN's, but do understand the need for them, and thusly want to make sure I have all hardware, and designs correct, before diving in and getting the screwdriver and cabling everything up.

No doubt there are MANY errors, and I have got MANY things wrong (in the Network Diagram).....ergo, please, I welcome you thoughts, comments, and recommendations, on how to fix these design errors now, at the planning stage.

I'm running NBN-100 Internet, unlimited data per month, no data shaping.

What do I wish for / why to setup VLAN's i n my home network ??.....

Isolate different devices into separate VLAN's (for security) but have them all able to communicate with each other (including the Internet, the Printers, etc etc).

Time-frame ?? rush......PLAN it out first, properly, and securely, so that it all works.

Budget ??......once I know what modems, routers, switches, etc etc people recommend, I can get Quotes, say 5, and compare and go from there. (Yes, I am in Australia by the way).

Oh, don't have UPS yet (can people recommend a capacity / load type, please ?)

Same for rack-unit to put main server / internet hardware in.

I am in your hands now........

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