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    VLAN problem


    by pavi.saggi ·

    How can two different VLANs communicate to each other if on the same switch but not using any external device. Is there any protocol works to make them communicate without a router?

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      I don’t think

      by ameack ·

      In reply to VLAN problem

      You cannot get two different vlans to communicate with each other using only a switch. They are different lans, different networks entirely. And how do you get different networks to communicate with each other? By using a router. You need to configure a router to route between the two vlans.

      To have 2 vlans talk to eachother you will need to “route” between them.

      You need a router.

      If you had a cisco router, You would plug that into the switch. Turn the link to the router into a vlan trunk and configure ip addresses of 2 vlan interfaces on that cisco router.

      The router will then do inter vlan routing.

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      Yes layer3 Switches & they are slightly different from Routers

      by apoorv182 ·

      In reply to VLAN problem

      Yes Layer3 switch or a router is the only way for inter vlan communication. There is a very little difference between these two devices. The main difference is the hardware technology used to build Layer3 switches. It merges that of traditional switches and routers, replacing some of a router’s software logic with hardware to offer better performance in some situations. So they are also faster than the routers. These layer3 switches are also cheaper as compared to routers but they do not have WAN ports and WAN features like routers.

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