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vlan reference info

By Seadogs ·
Hi all,
I'm trying to learn how to setup multiple vlans on an hp procurve 2524 switch. I'm not getting a whole lot out of hp manuals on this. Are there any references out there anyone would recommend? This is my first bout with vlans so anythingwould be great. THanks!

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vlan reference info

by McKayTech In reply to vlan reference info

I thought the Management and Configuration Guide for the 25xx series switches was pretty good. If you don't have it already, it can be downloaded as a PDF from HP's Web site (it's about 5 meg - 400 pages or so). The VLAN stuff is in Chapter 9 - Configuring Advanced Features.

By default, the switch has 8 VLANs defined so you can get up and running just by assigning the proper ports to each one. You do, however, have to make some decisions about tagged versus untagged (you'll need tagged ifyou want a particular port to belong to more than one VLAN) and so on. Inter-VLAN routing is a whole 'nuther thing but it's covered in the manual as well.

Other than this book, I don't know of any HP-specific references.



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vlan reference info

by Seadogs In reply to vlan reference info

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I'll check that reference out. I have made some progress, but am now trying to figure out how to get the router to recognize the 801.2q address coming from the tagged port. Also, how to configure the clients on the different vlans to get the correct dhcp information for their subnet? Any ideas?

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