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Hello to all:

I am facing a problem and I don't know if i should call a vlan routing prb.
here is the scenario:
I have vlan 32 as primary management vlan which all the uplink ports are untagged in this vlan32.
VLAN IP address
I have the vlan 10 as Admin vlan where all the pcs of the admin dptmnt are untagged in this vlan where the uplink ports are tagged.
VLAN IP address
I have the vlan 3000 called PABX where the telephony servers resides in it all along the DECT system. uplink are tagged in it and port membership of Tel servers are untagged members
VLAN IP address
the issue is that i have 5 laptops from the reservation deptmnt which belongs to the Admin vlan 10 that need to access the telephony servers resided on the vlan 3000.
how can i achieve this?
I am using Procurve 5406 where i've created all the vlans on it and assigned the IP's for all the vlans.
and as edges I am using the Procurve 2**0 where the telephony servers are connected to this switch and not the 5406.
however all the other servers are connected to the 5406. but it's not an issue since the vlans are created on both switches.
I did enabled ip routing, but i am not able to ping the 192.168 range.
Here's the show ip result
IP Routing : Enabled

Default TTL : 64
Arp Age : 20
Domain Suffix :
DNS server :

VLAN | IP Config IP Address Subnet Mask Proxy ARP
-------------------- + ---------- --------------- --------------- ---------
VLAN10 | Manual No
VLAN15 | Disabled
VLAN28 | Disabled
VLAN32 | Manual No
VLAN64 | Disabled
VLAN80 | Disabled
VLAN96 | Disabled
PABX | Manual No

thanks to all,

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