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    VLAN Routing


    by anish_naw ·


    Pls help me in configuring 3750,2960 with intervlan routing.

    Our Existing scenario is , we have a network basically consisting of two types of users
    1. Internet and general users.
    2. Users accessing the Applications and Database servers(Remote Location).
    3. Both the users have a different gateway(Routers)to go to remote Locations.

    The current setup is we have a common network with seperate Subnet IP’s for each of the type of users
    There are some users who need to access both Internet and Application so right now we have provided an additional IP of the Internet range to these users.

    But as some Application Users change their IP and access the Internet we are facing lot of problem with the IP conflict.So now we have decide to Implement VLANs for that we have bought 3750 Switch and 2960 switches

    we want to secure some departments also where there are confidential data of the company.

    Now as per our VLAN Plan we want to create 5 VLANs. Configure the InterVlan Routing and access the remote locations and servers.

    The Problem I am having is that with the router connection. If I connect the router to an interface of a particular VLAN the Users in that Particular VLAN are able to access the router and the remote servers and the router, but the Users of other VLANs are not able to access the local router. IP routing is enabled and I am able to ping the PCs in the other VLANs, only the router in the next VLAN is not accessible.

    Pls help

    Anish N

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      by schelm ·

      In reply to VLAN Routing

      add the ip of the router in the acl

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      router on a stick

      by synner ·

      In reply to VLAN Routing

      Implementing router on a stick will take care of your problem.

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