Vlans routing using Switch and Router

By muddin ·
Yes I have the following hardware now but still can't route between two Vlans or PC does not get IP from the DHCP server(Router).
Both Vlans should be active since I have Router.

2950 12 port Switch
2651 Router duel ethernet ports
Netgear ADSL DG834PN Router

Router 0/0 port - ADSL Router

Router 0/1 port - Trunk port of switch(f0/1)

PC - normal switch port

Followed the link below and Configured Router as DHCP server. If you want I can post "sh run" output from the Router.

Router 0/0: connected to ADSL router to get IP from ISP

Router 0/1:


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Maybe this will help

by scott_heath In reply to Vlans routing using Switc ...

If your DHCP server is not on the same network them each VLAN needs a DHCP helper address that points to the DHCP server.

Do you have RIP or OSPF enable to discover routes? If you create VLANs without some sort of route builidng protocol enabled you will need to build the routing table manually.


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The fix

by r0berth2 In reply to Vlans routing using Switc ...

you need sup-interfaces on your router0/0 interface.

no ip address
speed 100
duplex full
descripiton **vlan1**
encapsulation dot1q 1
ip address
no shut
description **vlan2**
encapsulation dot1q 2
ip address

then on your switch, you will need to setup as follows:
switchport mode trunk
speed 100
duplex full
vlan 1
name vlan1
vlan 2
name vlan2
interface vlan1
ip address
ip helper-address
no shut
interface vlan2
ip address
ip helper-address

you will need a dhcp scope for each vlan.

on the router setup a scope for vlan1:
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool vlan1
lease 14
ip dhcp pool vlan2
lease 14

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My Router is a dualports FastEthernet

by muddin In reply to The fix

Do I still need to do encapsulation?

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the reply

by r0berth2 In reply to My Router is a dualports ...

Yes you do. Why would you want to waste the 2nd ethernet port to feed the same switch? You should only have 1 cable from the router to the switch.

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My Router f0/0 port

by muddin In reply to the reply

is connected to the ADSL Inernet Router. If I need to create sub-interfaces and IP helper to establish communications between vlans, should I not do all these onto the f0/1 port in the Router which is connected to the Switch?
Is there any rule for "ip helper-address" as you used, this is my Router address as well ?

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