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Vlookup Crashes Excel

By sambo1580 ·

I am having a continual issue with the vlookup function in Excel 97 crashing the program.

There is no real rhyme or reason to it, when a vlookup equation is written, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

I have reinstalled Office many times and rebuilt the machine and the error still remains.

I have also tried it on another machine but it does it too.

Please help

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by tinampetersen In reply to Vlookup Crashes Excel


I use vlookup a lot in my research. My recommendation, if upgrading is an option, is to upgrade to Office XP or 2003. MS added a recovery option for excel that is invaluable - I have lots or problems when working with large spreadsheets of calculations just freezing up. This has saved me over and over.

Hope that helps,

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It isn't VLookup

by wordworker In reply to Vlookup Crashes Excel

Can you provide more details? I have never heard of a machine crashing because someone entered a formula with a particular function.

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Formula Check

by tundraroamer In reply to Vlookup Crashes Excel

"I have also tried it on another machine but it does it too". Assuming these are standalone PC's, I would guess it's not Excel 97 but a problem in your spreadsheet. Did you install the service packs for Office97/Excel 97 after each re-install of the software?
A few areas to look at or to try are:

Does it crash when using other built in formulas?

Is your data sorted correctly and error free?

Does vlookup work on a smaller and simpler data sample?

What else is running when you are working with this spreadsheet?

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Vlookup Reply

by sir.gsm In reply to Vlookup Crashes Excel

Hello, I think you have to elaborate what really is the problem with vlookup, ive been using vlookup eversince but i havent encountered a problem yet, also i am using the Excel 97 version. I you could just pin point the specific problem about your formula maybe I can help....


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Vlookup crashes excel

by paulross In reply to Vlookup Reply

I use WinXP and Office Pro, Vlookup formula also crashes my excel, whatever the full formula. Always save the sheet before you enter the vlookup sometimes prevents this, also I find you have to log out and back into windows and start again, just opening excel again can cause the same problem. Any one else having this problem.

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typing in Vlookup formula causes Excel to crash

by andrewerlewein In reply to Vlookup crashes excel

Don't know if this is the same problem, but the following certaintly causes Excel to crash every time.
I try to type in the following (the following cell references are examples only used for simplicity sack - the error happens elsewhere too);
except as I type in the above formula I can only type in the following before an error happens
at this point the error occurs and the Excel recovery tool kicks in.

I've noticed it only happens when I have a blank row in the reference table, which in the example above would be a blank table row somewhere between a1: to c100.

Hope this helps you, I know it has been a pain for me.

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