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    by 1image ·

    Hi, i’m a student struggling with Vlookup i need a really slow step by step indepth instruction on how to use this function. I’m trying to return values such as customer name,code and so on (i have offered half the points i have because i am weary from searching the net!) thanking you in advance.

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      by chitosunday ·

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      Syntax :
      The lookup value is the one you want to search and match, the table array is your database range,
      the col index refers to which specific column you want to get the result meaning no. 1 means
      the first column it will get the output, range lookup is what type of search and match you want, zero or false is a specific search, true or 1 is based on equal or lesser than usually for numbers particularly tax tables ) in your example , you need to search specific item so it should be zero or false.

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      by bschaettle ·

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      This isn’t a complete answer, but one thing I’ve found very useful when using VLOOKUP is to use a “named range” for the table_array. This makes reading the formula MUCH easier. Also, keeping the lookup table (table_array) on a separate worksheet helps keep things organized, as well.

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      by codenumpty ·

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      Don’t forget the table/database containing the data you are looking up must be sorted in ascending order for it to work properly

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