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VMware Acquisition of Zimbra

By cmatthews ·
VMware specializes in hardware emulation.. So at the other end of the ISO layer, they purchase a popular, high-end Web2 cloud app; What can this mean?

Will they now provide and support a VM that hosts an email front-end that talks to any standard mail back-end?

Does this mean the Zimbra face of web-mail will soon be forced upon us all (taken as defacto by myriads of web hosts already using VMware?)

Will this sour relations in the new (MS-Yahoo) AKA - Micro-hoo camp?

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Zimbra is used by Yahoo mail..

by cmatthews In reply to VMware Acquisition of Zim ...

You could call it the face of Yahoo mail, but underneath, there's a lot going on.
Now VMware own real software sitting where Jo-user lives (well, let me say where millions of users hang-out every day - on Yahoo)

IT folks, this has to have noteworthy prospects to put prospective eyeballs on VMware..

I've even got a white-box server at home now.

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