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First, I have little to no knowledge of VMWare and its capabilities. But, as fate would have it, I'm looking at losing a long term client to a company pitching VMWare. I've been asked to sit-in and offer myself as a technical resource "if" they decide to move. From teh giddyness of my client in the meeting I suspect the decision is already made.

The main question I need to know, for my own knowledge (not to influence the decision process of my client), is how much bandwidth each workstation will need to work in the virtualized environment? I met with this company's sales staff (full press too) and they were very ambiguous. We ahve 25 people on the primary site with a 3MB Qwest DSL connection. They are looking to virtualize all of their data (260GB) and their primary Accounting and Estimating (pervasive SQL based).

Could someone tell me the amount of bandwidth needed per workstation running VMware?

I would appreciate knowing any other concerns related to moving from a WAN to VMWare as well.

If I lose the long term client, so be it. But I wouldn't want to see them screwed over as I exit.

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virtural environment or is

by CG IT In reply to VMware Concerns & Questio ...

this cloud computing?

virtualized workstations don't really need anymore network bandwidth than non virtualized workstations.

Cloud computing is a whole other story and the provider show be able to specify what the requirements are for optimum performace to their equipment.

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Hard to believe

by ACGPHX In reply to virtural environment or i ...

Perhaps I'm a bit antiquated in my thinking, but it seems that creating 15-20 dedicated sessions (which were previously drawing from the 100MB switch and LAN) alone would eat more bandwith from the 3MB pipe than it had previously. Also factor in all those people simultaneously pulling down GB's of data in addition to the data files from their primary accounting and estimating software. This estimate wouldn't even include those people who previously had to Terminal server in to use that Estimating software. Granted the NOC that houses (a third off-site party) the server and their data would have a huge pipe and the infrastructure to handle all the connections simultaneously, but that doesn't really matter when the end-users are off that location using localized (limited bandwidth) connectvity. Whatever the encryption the upload/download has to be much greater on the intenet connection than ever before.

I' finding it hard to believe that pulling everything across the web wouldn't take more bandwidth than running applications on the LAN and drawing your data across the 100MB LAN infrastructure.

Maybe I'm missing something. I would like to understand this though.

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your talking cloud computer or terminal services not VM

by CG IT In reply to Hard to believe

not Virtual machines.

a virtual machines runs on desktops and computers and in a virtual environment think having Windows 7 on your machine and a virtual XP also running on your machine. That's VM.

Cloud Computing [terminal services] is where applications are provided via the internet or a terminal server. That's not VM. [caveat VM can be deployed over the network but still the virtual machine runs on the workstation [or server].

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by ACGPHX In reply to your talking cloud comput ...

I understand what a virtual machine is. But I guess what I'm missing is how a 50MB file can be accessed on a desktop in a remote virtualized environment in the same time it would take from a server on the same site. VM or not your still pulling that formerly local 50MB across the web using a 3MB DSL line as opposed to the LANs 100MB infrastructure. Multiply that x25, its got to have an impact on performace.

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