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    VMware guest machine halts at boot due to internal consistency disk error


    by cliff680 ·

    I have a few different VMware environments where every now and again one of the servers will halt on a reboot and say that: The disk ?g:\vm\server\file1.vmdk? has internal consistency errors that might be caused partial corruption of the disk file. It recommends to restore from backup or to have VMware repair the disk. I choose the option for VMware Server to repair the disk and to continue and then it boots just fine. It doesn’t happen to just this vmdk, it happens to all of them and multiple times.

    The problem with this is that I have some of the servers reboot in the middle of the night and this error halts the server from booting until someone manually tells it to repair.

    Is there a way to either bypass this error or to automate a response so the server can take care of the problem and continue rebooting?

    VMware server is running on a Windows 2008 64-bit server. The VM guests are Windows 2003 32-bit Enterprise edition.

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