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    VMware Server 2 Lab For Activer Directory Server 2008


    by camachoh ·

    I need help configuring VMware Server 2 to support the following training configuration on Windows Server 2008. I disabled VMware DHCP on all virtual adapters to avoid conflict.

    * Host is running Vista x64 SP2 with 8GB of memory & 1 Ethernet adapter.
    * Installed 3 Virtual Machines running Windows Server 2008 x86, XP Pro SP3 and Vista x86 SP1.
    * Server 2008 uses and is running on a Public network using the Bridge virtual adapter. It has RRAS installed and NAT to provide the Vista and XP Private clients Internet access. Both obtains IP address from the DCHP server on Server 2008. The IP scope for the Private network is
    * I would like to move the XP machine to the Public network but it does not obtain an IP address from the DHCP Server using the Bridged virtual adapter configuration. DHPS has 2 separate scope for both Public and Private networks.

    Does this mean that I need to have a second physical Ethernet adapter on the Vista Host? Otherwise, how do you configure the virtual adapters? Otherwise, should I install the Server 2008 x86 (instead of Vista Home Premium x6) on the Host and run the XP and Vista Clients on Virtual Machines to make things easier?


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