vmware server 2 - windows script to refresh network list

By greavette ·

Is there a windows command I can use in a script (.bat, vbscript, powershell...whatever) that would allow me to refresh the network list?

Currently when our host server (Windows 2008 r2) is restarted, my assigned nics in my VM mapped to my host PC's nics are not available unless I manually refresh the network list. I'd like to script this so my network list is refreshed whenever my host server is restarted.

I've seen reference to vmware-vim-cmd for refreshing the network list but maybe this is only for ESXi?

Thank you.

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Is this maybe just a timing issue?

by robo_dev In reply to vmware server 2 - windows ...

I don't see a way in VM2 to do the refresh from the CLI.

but maybe there is a way to trick the interfaces into resetting like forcing a DHCP refresh, or putting something into a startup script?

Or maybe it's just a timing thing such that some sort of boot-delay is needed to wait for something to initialize?

I use ESXi and VMware 4 myself, so I cannot claim to be a VM2 expert

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