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VMWare vcenter converter bootcamp P2V "Unknown Error"

By scottminter ·
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Trying to use vmware vcenter converter to migrate my windows 10 machine to a virtual machine. Several errors occurred and here is a summary of what I had to do:

My computer is an apple macbook pro running bootcamp.

Download "Autoruns" here<> and under "Drivers" uncheck the applehfs.sys driver, restart your computer and now you should be able to create restore points.
You must be able to create restore points or the converter will not work.

Next you realize the system partition which is a GPT partition is not able to be converted. When this disk partition is selected the vcenter converter will end almost immediately with an "Unknown Error".

My solution was to uncheck this disk and proceed with the conversion.

Once the new VM is created log into vsphere, edit settings of the new VM and go to the Options tab.
Choose the Boot Options on the left side of the window and then choose BIOS (not EFI).
Check the box to force booting into BIOS setup the next time the machine is started.
In the BIOS boot from a network drive. In our case a PXE image.
Once you boot run Diskpart
** these are commands I used, yours may be different
** the idea is to set the drive active, then assign a letter to the drive
list disk
select disk=0
select partition=1
assign letter=C

at this point you should be able to navigate to the C drive.


Sharing because this took me a few hours to figure out.

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