VMware/VirtualPC question?

By csv-shawn ·

I work at a college that would like to utilize Virtual PC or VMware to allow students to create their own machines on portable drives to use/test during the semester. Only problem I have encountered is that VPC or VMW remembers the last location of the last virtual Disk/PC used.

Is there a way to automatically remove previous users' Virtual disk from the menu and auto find a new users Virtual disk on a new portable drive?

I would like to at least remove the prevous students info so the next user can simply 'add new Virtual disk'.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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When I was in School

by Dumphrey In reply to VMware/VirtualPC question ...

all the workstations had Deep Freeze installed. So rebooting the computer wiped out any changes made, so we hade to add new disks each time. In VMWare I thikn there is an option. I will have to go poke at my laptop and see.
I have not used VPC in a few years so I can not help there =(

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BUT each student needs to save their changes....

by csv-shawn In reply to When I was in School

Each student will have their own port HD that will save their changes on their own virtual disk.

We are just wanting to automate the deletion of the previous students' link to their port HD and load the new students disk to the start up screen.

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It seems to me that

by Dumphrey In reply to BUT each student needs to ...

VM ware would say, "Cant find machine X" and delete it automaticly. Dunno. Hopefully this will bump you up and someomne else will have better info for you.

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VMware - clear the inventory

by tcunningham4 In reply to VMware/VirtualPC question ...

As best I can tell, VMware keeps the inventory in an XML file under the All Users folder. ->

in VMware Server 2.0 Beta:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware Server\hostd\vmInventory.xml

Hope this helps.

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VMware/VirtualPC question?

by BobDinan In reply to VMware/VirtualPC question ...

I don't have an answer to your question but I might be able to find out. I'm currently taking some classes and the school provides us with usb drives with VMware to use "in the lab" only. I've only used it a few times and haven't noticed any issues. The drives aren't assigned to any specific person. It is possible that each time I got one that hadn't been used yet.

I haven't quite gotten around to setting up my own personal one yet. The problem is I don't have access to the OS's that I'd like to play with.

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