VMware Vswitch Question

By dboyce ·
I have 4 ports on the back of my server. I am using 1 for management on my LAN at 172.25.x.x and its working fine. I have created a second Vswitch on my ESXi server with the remaining 3 ports for iSCSI and vMotion on a address. My celerra can see via ping this iSCSI network as well. However, I can't present any LUN's. I am looking at my networking switch for iSCSI and it shows answering to, but the second tab "network adapters" show me they are all on the 172.21.x.x network. Could this be the reason I am not seeing any LUN's or is this just informational. I cannot figure out how to reset the "observed ip ranges". When I add a ISCSI target in VMware, it does add via dynamic or static, but no LUN's.

Any help would be great thanks!


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Active NICs?

by Mike Barron In reply to VMware Vswitch Question

Do you have the 3 remaining NICs on one vSwitch and are they all active? This can be found under the NIC Teaming tab in properties. Also, is the new vSwitch a Vmkernel switch? when you assign a static IP address to the vSwitch it should reflect on all NICs assigned to that vSwitch.

In my setup I use separate Vmkernel vSwitchs for each duty (iSCSI, vMotion, FT) and have a separate VLAN and IP subnet assigned to each. I don't use more than one NIC per vSwitch except for the VM Network vSwitch.

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Teaming Response

by dboyce In reply to Active NICs?

I do have the VSwitch for my vmotion setup correctly based on your question. I see vSwitch1 (vmkernal port with the name iSCSI) with the property of and 3 NIC's assigned. When I look at the properties of each NIC when I click on them they are observing a completely different range This is what DHCP would hand out on our management network, and at one time they were plugged into the management network, so Im wondering if this is just meta data and not really observing this range.

You are saying I should create 3 different vSwitches for my iSCSI, vMotion, etc? Would this change the NIC listening on the wrong subnet?

Thanks for your help.


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IP Settings

by Mike Barron In reply to Teaming Response

Yes, I would create a separate vSwitch for each iSCSI, VMotion and FT logging.

Did you assign a static address to your vSwitch under IP Settings?

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Did that

by dboyce In reply to IP Settings

okay...i blasted the vswitch and re-created a new iSCSI vmkernal vswitch. I gave it a static ip address on and my celerra data mover also on the same subnet on They can see eachother. I went into the iSCSI properties and gave it a static initiator and it verifies and adds the target. I am not sure what I am missing as I have rescanned several times and not seeing the storage.


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Are you able

by Mike Barron In reply to Did that

to see the Celerra device under Storage Adapters -> View: -> Devices? If so do you see any paths? If not, it sounds like a access permissions issue on the EMC device. I would make sure your host initiator has access to the LUN then rescan.

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Thanks for the help

by dboyce In reply to Are you able

I was able to identify an issue or mis-config on the celerra that immediately presented the LUN to the host. I really appreciate the help.


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You're welcome

by Mike Barron In reply to Thanks for the help

Good to see you got it working.

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