VNC/DSL Westnell 6100

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I have two computers running Verizon DSL with a Westnell 6100 modem/router. I'm trying to use the remote desktop VNC software. I have VNC server on my dads computer(the one im trying to remote into) and VNC viewer on mine. I have configured both Windows firewall to except the VNC connection. I have even shut off the Anti Virus. Everytime i try to connect to my dads computer from mine i get nothing it just times out . If I take my laptop to my dad wireless network i can connect thru VNC to his computer no problem. I have called Verizon a couple of time but they just keep putting on hold, for hours. I Googled the problem, One of the solution i found was port forwarding, but the direction i found didnt match the configuration setting of my router. I was wondering if any in here had this probelm?

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Port Forwarding

by Toivo Talikka In reply to VNC/DSL Westnell 6100

You need to forward the VNC port on your dad's router to the internal address of your dad's computer. There is no other way of connecting from outside of the LAN. The default TCP port is 5900.

Download the Westell 6100 manual from and follow the instructions on pages 84-5 about port forwarding.

The protocol is TCP, the range of Global Ports will be 5900 to 5900, the Base Host Port is also 5900, and the admin interface should also prompt for the local IP address, which is the IP address of your dad's computer. The manual is not very well presented, but try the above settings.

Make sure that the IP address of his computer is static, that is fixed and not assigned by DHCP, otherwise you will not be able to connect to his PC from outside. You set this in the properties of the TCP/IP protocol in the network interface properties of the PC.

If you can already connect to his PC from inside the wireless LAN, you should be able to do the same from outside, once you point your viewer to the public IP address of the router.

You need to make sure the public IP address is a fixed IP address, otherwise you will not be able to connect until you find out what the address is.

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