VNC error

By jayaraj_chintala ·
i am using VNC 4.0 in windows 2003 error.

i installed it on clients pc whic are using xp.

i can view remote desktop of windows 2003 server from client side but i am unable to view client desktop from the server. it shows tat "unnable to connect remote host". Can anybody give me a solution.

thanks in advance

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by david.wallis In reply to VNC error

you havnt set the password up on the client

or you are being blocked by the firewall on the client..

disable windows firewall and see if you can get in

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i have disabled fire wall also

by jayaraj_chintala In reply to either..

After disabling fire wall in all the systems i am getting the same problem.

i am unable to find the solution.

if u have any solution please reply to me.

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I kept pasword for only server

by jayaraj_chintala In reply to either..

i am using password in vnc server.

but the thing is it is not asking password it is showing that "unable to connect host".Even i disabled fire wall also

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VNC 4.0

by ebrahim.rangwala@chiltern In reply to VNC error

Please check with the firewall.
VNC does not access remote desktop if firewall is on


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i have disabled fire wall

by jayaraj_chintala In reply to VNC 4.0

after disabling fire wall also i am getting the same "unable to connect Host"

but it is working fine wid the xp systems

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you need

by david.wallis In reply to VNC error

you need to make sure vnc is loaded on the xp machines and is running. you also have to set a password on the clients too..

we use ultra VNC here and that works fine

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by Baxenden In reply to VNC error

Been ages since i used VNC but most other Remote control applications require the correct port setting up within the software so that they both match. I think the default for VNC is 5900

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VNC vs Windows Firewall - Success At Last!

by Computer Dave In reply to Port

I've been going nuts over this for a week! I've tried so many solutions and registry hacks that I've lost track.

Here's what I have and what's been happening:
I'm building a new SBS 2003 server and a Server 2003/SQL box. These 2 are on their own switch so as to not interfere with my production SBS server. I have 1 Win XP box on this Pre-Production LAN. I have VNC (free version) fresh from the their site installed on all three: KAS-SBS, KAS-SQL, and KAS-101. All 3 computers are completely patched with everything MS has to offer. Here are the results:
SBS and SQL can see each other with VNC.
SBS and SQL cannot see 101 with VNC.
101 can see both SBS and SQL with VNC.
Using RAS/VPN to connect to SBS, I cannot see 101.

I've been concentrating on SBS because VNC works perfectly in the production environment. I've rebuilt SBS a couple of times but currently I do not even have ISA installed. I've even rebuilt 101 and kept it out of the domain.

The solution for was too simple to see. After reading this article, I disabled Windows Firewall on the XP box and now VNC works in all cases (I haven't tested remote access yet).

VNC uses port 5900 (5800 for a 1-time Java hit) so I suppose i can try opening that port on the XP box. But eventually I will have ISA running on SBS so that will just be an experiment for my own satisfaction.

I hope this helps save someone from banging his head against a door!


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