VNC server on two computers on the same network

By markinboone ·
I want to use TightVNC to connect to both my home computers from work (all WinXP). The 2 machines of course share the same DSL router.

1. I have the first machine (.02) already set up and working.

2. I have a dynamic IP address registered for my router (to always find the router's current IP).

3. I have Port Forwarding in the router set up for the first machine (.02) in the Port range 5800-5999.

I'm not sure how to target the second server (on PC .03) in TightVNC viewer? And how to set up the server on the second machine to run no matter who is logged in?

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Ultra VNC

by LoonIT In reply to VNC server on two compute ...

I am not certain, but i do not think you can forward VNC more than once from outside your router. In order to get into PC .03 you can VNC into PC .02 and then use that machines viewer to see into .03. I know that seems stupid but it'll work. You may also want to give Ultra VNC a shot. The Gui is a bit nicer and it has a few more options than Tight does.

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Just a Thought

by LoonIT In reply to VNC server on two compute ...

VNC by default connects on port 5900. Inside your router you forwarded that port to one of the machines inside your LAN. What if you were to forward say... port 5901 with the same application credentials, only changing the port number. When you go to connect to those machines from outside your LAN you can try it like this and 192.1681.03:5901. UltraVNC lets you specify which port you want to connect to. Maybe this will work, maybe it wont. I am actually curious as to whether or not it does... Good Luck

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on the right track

by mark In reply to Just a Thought

I do the same task using remote desktop. You need to tell the application to listen on another port. in this case your icon would have a target ending with vncviewer.exe -listen 5901. You would port forward this port to that machine and be able to connect.

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That would work

by pmalaison In reply to on the right track

Remote desktop needs to be registry tweaked to listen to a different port. I never remember which key but it's easy to goole.

As for VNC, you can tell the VNC server GUI to listen to a different port. Then you need to make sure, regardless of the app you are using, that you are forwarding the ports to the right machine. It does work quite well, either VNC or remote desktop, I use them both.

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