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By commhub ·
We are currently providing a managed and monitored WiFi network and would like to provide our customers both casual and enterprise with the ability to use their soft phone clients to make and receive Voice over WiFi calls.

We provide tiered levels of bandwidth up and down over the network - what is the minimum upload speed that we have to provide for VOwifi calls to be of decent quality?

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Its all about the latency/jitter, not raw throughput

by robo_dev In reply to Voice over Wifi Managed N ...

You can run a very good SIP data stream over 11MBS all day with no issues. You can run a perfectly good Vonage stream over a 1MBS connection.

The issue is that if you have interference, or people doing things to cause traffic to be real bursty (e.g. watching Netflix), then the problem is that WiFi is a shared medium, so it's not about raw speed, it's about consistency.

Thus if you can create a separate WLAN or VLAN to protect the voice streams, and also over-provision so there is less chance of calls getting hammered. You need to make sure content/ports such as torrents or spotify are locked down.

Realistically, if you have the bandwidth/stability to run streaming video, then voice is the easy part. Voice quality is not your concern, but if the LAN is too bursty then calls will drop.

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by commhub In reply to Its all about the latency ...

Thanks very much for the answer and I apologize for not getting back in a more timely manner - I would like to know how to block people from using our Wifi in certain areas to make VoWiFi calls - I can provision the WiFi to deliver bandwidth up and down - can I block random users from making calls if I limit the up speed and if so what level is that at i.e. 45k up/ 10 down, 40k up/ 10 down etc.

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