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By sspara ·
I work in a News station, and the reporters are constantly listening to the police scanners to be on top of whats happening in the community. The problem is that it's quite annoying and if you leave the room you miss transmissions. I would like something to perform a live transcription of everything said on these radios and display it in a small almost IM type window on everyone's computer. That way we can stuff the scanner in the closet and have all the transmissions displayed in text format on everyone's screen and they can scroll through everything said on the radio. Does anyone know of any hardware/software that can perform anything remotely like this? I've looked at the nuance dragon systems naturally speaking product but they said it would not work with a "filtered voice" (a voice from a radio or recorder). Is there some kind of product that makes two way radios possible for the hearing impaired? I've even called the police station and they just record the transmissions and manually transcribe it. there has to be something and if there isn't can one of you please invent it very quickly.

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