voices sound like Donald Duck..

By heyns57 ·
I had to break down my system and put it back togther on my new desk. Now the sound of people speaking is like Donald Duck...they sound like they've breathed helium.

What can I do? I've rebooted the system to reset itself but that didn't solve the issue.

Thanks for any pointers.

Oh btw...I have a Sony Vaio Media Center computer. And I also have Sony Sound Forge and a pre-amp thru which I normally filter my sound although I 'm sure that filter is not the proper use of the word here.

The pre-amp is because i have a pro mic and do voiceover work for broadcast.

If there is anything that I need to do...and I know that for some reason I need to reload my driver software for the pre-amp. Could that be the root of the problem? I haven't completed the assembly of the desk but will reload that when I have done that.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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