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Happy Friday Everyone !!!

Can someone please tell me how the VOIP software works ??? I have visited various sites that offer VOIP but with adapters. However, there is something called the "soft phone" which is a software and works as a PC to a phone dialer - meaning PC to landline. How are these softwares designed ??? And if it is so easy as the sites claim, I am wondering why we would pay for adapters and monthly charges - we could just download the software or design it and use it free !!! Seems to good to be true. Does anyone know about the software design ???

Curious in Canada - Diva.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to VOIP

As I understand it VOIP requires a subscription service to a VOIP provider, to get you from the world of the internet into the telephone system.
A softphone is software on your computer that acts like a phone but still needs to "talk" with your VOIP provider to get to normal telephones. The problem with a softphone is that you can only ever make phone calls through your computer.

Adapters are boxes that connect to your broadband service and allow the use of standard telephones, your computer can be turned off and you can still make calls (provided that your broadband modem and VOIP adapter are turned on).

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by BFilmFan In reply to VOIP

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