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    by bossless ·

    I am looking for a telephony device that not only operates on a network but is also is capable of reaching people on the PSTN. I heard about a device that Cisco offered that supposedly was able to use a broadband connection to reach people on a network or the PSTN just as if it were a regular phone. The best part of this is that it has an address of some sort that gives it a telephone number so that when connected you can receive calls at that number regardless of location. I am posting here because I can’t find anything like this so was this some prototype or just a geek’s dream I don’t know but I am ready to stop conventional phone service, provided I can.


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      Lots of Info

      by road-dog ·

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      Cisco, Nortel, and 3COM all have voip and telephony equipment. I have used Cisco and 3COM’s offerings and have concluded that Cisco is a good fit for the enterprise, particularly with converging large offices and legacy PBX.

      3COM’s solutions are a cost effective fit for smaller businesses, particularly where they can be used to eliminate the need for a small office key system.

      Both have the ability to establish VOIP tunnels where remote sites and road dogs can connect to the native LAN and operate like a normal extension. This can be done, but the typical road dog probably would be better off with the cell phone, as nobody really wants to schlep an IP phone to every Marriott they stay in.

      If you have telecommuters who spend a lot of minutes on the blower with the home office, an IP tunnel across a broadband will provide business quality voice service and allow employees to work seamlessly from home without breaking the bank.

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        by oldefar ·

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        Don’t overlook Avaya in your analysis. In particular, their ability to handle both PSTN and IP trunking.

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      by cactus pete ·

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      I believe that uses a Cisco product, you might check with them.

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        I agree with “Provider”

        by bchesmer ·

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        Yep, check out vonage, they probably have just what the doctor ordered (The device & the service to go along with it!)

        My brother has this service & loves it. I’m getting it soon!

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          Thank You

          by bossless ·

          In reply to I agree with “Provider”

          I just wanted to take this opertunity to thank you for your input I have found it most helpful.

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