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    by robert_onyuma ·

    im new in WAN setups & a client wants me to setup one for them.

    first i would like to know want hardware is require to setup WAN btw 3 towns i.e

    town A<..(450km)....>townB<...(400km)...>town c

    Now the branch offices have diff. lan plans butall are under w2k server

    One branch office has three departs. on a 40km radius but the land under their ownership ( farm land)….scenario for fiber backbone on LAN…but ideas needed on this one too.

    plz provide the best solution for the WAN and Voice over ip setup

    talk to site but its taking too long to respond, even

    Pls provide the hardware n software best suited for this setup.


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      by areets ·

      In reply to VOip

      Which networks are available in the areas: wireless, xDSL or FR?

      Which ISPs are closest to your site?


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        by robert_onyuma ·

        In reply to Step-by-step

        there are all available networks and im supposed 2 choose the best and most reliable…but also they are considering cost….something around 100,000 pounds

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