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VOIP and DATA - Cisco Aironet Bridge

By FaithLove ·
Can someone help me understand how VOIP and DATA traffic work together.
We have a wireless bridge setup and the VOIP Phones are online but I can't get internet or network with computers. We have a wireless bridge connection. I 've been testing power injectors and nothing is happening. What can cause the phones to work and not the computers?

The devices being used are Cisco Aironet 1400

Please Help

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by robo_dev In reply to VOIP and DATA - Cisco Air ...

What type of VOIP phones? (Cisco, Shoretel, Skype, Vonage)

Was this working before, or is this a new install?

When you say you have a wireless bridge connection, do you mean that this is a satellite office on the far side of the bridge?

At a high level, VOIP phones act exactly like PCs. They simply use IP packets to communicate, and so a PC should be able to communicate over the same network.

Clarify what you are using power injectors for, and how those are related.

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by FaithLove In reply to Clarify

They are Mitel phones on a Cisco network.
Yes it was working before.
The main network are LAN but we have a wirless bridge from one location to another using radios.

The power injectors are for the radios

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Well, for starters

by robo_dev In reply to Clarify

If the Mitel phones are working at the remote-side of the bridge, then I would assume that you have both ethernet and IP connectivity for the PC devices, and the issue is something like a switch port being unplugged somewhere. Also, a network loop caused by plugging a patch cable back into a ethernet switch will cause issues like this.

At the site where the phones and PCs are installed, are these devices on the same ethernet switch, or are the phones on one switch and the PCs on another? If the PCs are on a separate switch then that switch may have lost connection to the bridge, may be faulty, or just needs a reboot.

A Cisco bridge has ONE ethernet port, so if there are multiple devices, as well as Mitel IP phones, there must be at least one ethernet switch as part of the network layout.

I am not sure how much network troubleshooting you have done, so I will start with the basics.

Assuming that these are Windows XP workstations, and they are getting dynamic addresses, the first question is if they have an IP address:

e.g. goto a command prompt and type ipconfig /all to see if the PC has an address. If it is then the PC is not getting an address. It would be possible to assign it a static IP address to continue troubleshooting, or go try to find out why DHCP is not working.

Assuming that the PCs are connected to the network, and have an IP address, a number like

Also on that page is the 'default gateway' IP address. Ping that address to see if it's reachable, eg ping

A Cisco Aironet bridge is what's known as a 'mac layer bridge' (like all wireless lans are), and therefore those devices plugged into it will work exactly the same way a wired ethernet device would work. There is no routing, no DHCP, no address translation. These PCs should work EXACTLY the same way if you plugged it into an ethernet port on the 'Home' side of the ethernet bridge, in the wiring closet where the other Aironet bridge device plugs in.

Therefore, if the remote PCs have no connectivity, but the phones do, the problem is most likely on the OTHER side of the Cisco bridge, back at the ethernet switch it plugs into.

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Well for starters

by FaithLove In reply to Well, for starters

The PC's and the IP Phones are on one ethernet switch. We only have 4 IP phones and 2PC's. One of the PC's is coming out of the PC port from the IP Phone. The IP phone online and PC is not.The PC shows limited connectivity.The second PC connects directly through LAN port.

PC's not getting an IP Address - its says limted connectivity.

Is it possible the port on the other end may be configured for voice lan only?

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VLAN Or the connection form

by liewife In reply to Well for starters

if the voice lan and data lan are devided into 2 diffrent vlan
and the port on the switch is setted to work for voice vlan only
And maybe another problem about the type of connection
The mostly default setting is self-adaption,and you can try to set it to 100M full duplex.

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