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By Dumphrey ·
I have been given the task of looking into VOIPin several company wide. Any one have any hints or experience they can share?

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Start talking to your phone vendors

by jdclyde In reply to VOIP help

they will all have an IP system they will want to sell you.

Let them all know that you ARE talking to all the vendors, and they will give you a more competitive price.

Watch out for some systems that are not completely IP. Cisco and Avaya both seem to have nice systems, if you have the money to spend.

Ask your vendor about upcoming trade shows and conferences. A great place to talk to the vendors about what they have to offer. Don't be shy to play them against each other. Make them EARN your business.

Warning, this plugs into your current network, so you will have to know your current usage, and if it can handle the hit of the additional traffic. It may also require an overhaul of the network.

Insist on them doing a site survey, and make it clear you will only pay after it is WORKING, and don't let them pull the old system out until it is! If it fails, you can always plug the old system in and keep going.

When you meet with the phone companies, insist on them bring their engineer with them, preferably the one that will design the system, if not install it. Sales guys will tell you anything to get you to sign, but the engineer knows he has to make it work. Sales guys can not answer your real questions.

Don't automatically go with the lowest bid!

Look at how long that company has been in business, and how long they have been installing VoIP systems. Don't be anyone test subject.

See what support they have for the system. I like to call a support line BEFORE I buy to see how long it takes to get someone on the phone, and it is not an off-shore "solution" for their call center.

Hope that helps some.


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