VOIP, IP Video camera's, IP PBX and GSM gateway on MPLS VPN

By d_wathi ·
Dear Experts:

Our business is into real estate and construction with the great difficulty could convince the management for MPLS VPN for all our branch offices and projects (where construction happens)

Now I have taken next step of recommending on the below implementations:
1.Deploying IP cameras on MPLS VPN network
3.For marketing and sales activity GSM or IPPBX implementation

For all of the above recommended management is thinking that iam proposing the solution which more looks like policing the users for which they are not happy with this proposal, Iam really confused how to convenience , Please give me the valid points, real great points where management will understand the above implementations are very much essential for today's business.
Iam looking for the valid points so that it will convenience the management on the above recommendeed implementations are not for policing activity instead it is really essential for todays business which will for sure increase productivity. Please help with the valid or convincing points for the above implementations.

Thanks in advance.

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I would assume this is an academic exercise?

by robo_dev In reply to VOIP, IP Video camera's, ...

1.Deploying IP cameras on MPLS VPN network
You don't need a MPLS VPN network to do IP cameras, you just need a network.

3.For marketing and sales activity GSM or IPPBX implementation

Confused: IP PBX is the same thing as VOIP.

GSM means cell phones.... so you cannot convince your management to give your marketing people mobile phones? really?

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reply and request

by d_wathi In reply to VOIP, IP Video camera's, ...

Thanks for the reply, Since we aleady have MPLS VPN hence by defining COS for data ,video and voice can access all these from central location or on branch to branch if mesh topology

marketing people alreadyhave facilitated with cell phones hence suggested this to keep track of all the incomming and out going calls
Please suggest.

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Ahh.. that is a different question

by robo_dev In reply to VOIP, IP Video camera's, ...

If you have MPLS VPN, then IP cameras work fine, with or without COS defined for them.

Over the internet, it's most typical that IP cameras are recorded to a server that is at the branch site, and that remote viewing is typically a 'best effort', or is done at a lower frame rate, since even if there is QOS setup, the total usable bandwidth is often not enough to sustain live streaming video at a high frame rate.

Voice will need COS, of course, but what kind of PBX do you have currently?

Keeping track of all the incoming and outgoing calls is typically done by a Call Accounting System (such as eCas), and those work with all types of phone systems, such as a conventional PBX. You don't need a new phone system to do a call accounting system.

In reality, since the cost of both wired and wireless telephony has dropped, technology like a GSM gateway really don't make sense anymore.

In terms of tracking calls, most service providers will do that very well for each phone, for free. And of course there's google voice, which does all that for free, as well.

Long ago, when everything was expensive, call accounting systems and detailed call tracking systems made sense and saved you money.

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Remote access problem with IP Camera

by neitway In reply to VOIP, IP Video camera's, ...

Hello, I am able to connect locally (LAN at home) to <a href="">IP camera</a> but when I try to connect remotely (from my office through internet explorer) its not working. (IP camera is using port 80) I am using Sagem Fast 1201 ADSL modem and Belkin Wireless G Router. I did port forwarding following these data 1. Select a Service = Web HTTP (When I selected web http Extern port start, external port end/internal port start, internal port end automatically default to 80) 2. Service IP Address = (which is ip camera address)

(When I click on Save/Apply there is a message saying as port 80 used, dsl will be moved to port 8080)

But still when I try to connect remotely It doesnt work.

As I am using Sagem modem and a different belkin router is that the problem? I have also setup dyndns account and entered all fields correctly

Please help as I am struggling from last 3 days!

Thanks anges

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by ChyrillStucker In reply to VOIP, IP Video camera's, ...

I certainly feel your perspective about the need of VoIP into the marketing phase of your company.

You definitely need to implement IP based calling system over GSM or machine-PBX telephony. Not only because of the low call rates(international as well as domestic) and extensive features, but also because of the QoS. This VoIP based telephony system can help you project a professional image over the telephone. You don???t need to hire a maintenance department to look after the ups & downs of the network. It will provide a call center like set-up or telephony structure so that you can control every aspect of your telephony network such as greeting messages, ivr, extensions etc. I would like to recommend a VoIP PBX provider TheRealPBX. They have a very good QoS.

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