Voip Security

By jeff.friend ·
First is VoIP really that much more insecure than a land line is? Also what are the best ways to secure VoIP.



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Well VOIP is digital

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Voip Security

So it is a series of Beeps being transmitted over the Lines so it requires a greater amount of Hardware to listen in than just a Handset.

From that prospective it is more secure, however the technology is available to listen in when required.

Depending on what you mean by making the Transmission Secure you first need to understand that the Federal Governments of the world have the right to listen in on all Telephony Transmission ms and most of the Western World Governments do, so from that prospective it is impossible to Totally Secure any form of Telephony Transmissions. Federal Law requires that the carries of this traffic provide the Governments of the world who ask for the ability to listen in when they want to.

So what exactly do you mean by Secure?


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VoIP security

by jeff.friend In reply to Well VOIP is digital

I'm not really concerned about the government listening in I'm more concerned about everyone else. Since transmissions are going over the Internet there are vulnerabilities that VoIP is automatically subject to. Is it enough to secure the VoIP as you would secure your data?



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RE: Is it enough to secure the VoIP as you would secure your data?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to VoIP security

Yes but remember that it is harder to listen into VoIP transmissions than it is to intercept and copy Data Transmissions.

But having said that it is very unlikely to have a Data Transmission Freaked anyway. Your ISP will have a Similar Ability to Government Agencies to Listen In as they are bound by Laws to Report any Activity that is against Federal Law that they find. Most simply do not look to save themselves the problems associated with looking.

As things stand at the moment they must report the Activity but are not Protected by Law so even the Guilty can Sue them after they have been convicted for the offense. They may even win the case even though the ISP is required by Law to report whatever they find. So it's not in the ISP's best interests to look.


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by petike222 In reply to Voip Security

Actually if you can use an end to end encryption, then you are safe (IP to IP calls).
If your call have to be routed to PSTN, then you can forgot the security.

Also, the big problem with voip security is the incompatibility. SISP and SRTP was invented a few years ago, still hard to find 2 compatible device from different manufacturers.

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