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By iam.upnorth ·
I have one desktop pc and one notebook pc. I have Vonage via a Linksys router. I want to set up a network with a Linksys wireless-g router-WRT54GS. The notebook pc is connected to the network yet cannot go online.

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What You Need Is...

by rkuhn In reply to VOIP & Wireless Internet

A wireless AP (access point).

Your problem is that your Vonage/Linksys router is a router and your WRT54GS is also a router.

Basically, save yourself a lot of headache and buy a AP.

Or, turn off all routing functionality on the WRT54GS and plug it into the Vonage/Linksys router.

It's been a while since I've done that and it was on a D-Link but essentially you want to turn off the DHCP functionality on the WRT54GS and set the WAN and LAN IP address of the WRT54GS to be the same thing.

What essentially happens then is that the WRT54GS becomes a AP instead of a router. And really, if you don't mind fiddling with it to get it to work, buying a router like your WRT54GS instead of a AP is cheaper.

Most AP's sell for about a $100. Most routers sell for about $50. But again, the trick is to turn off all routing functionality on the WRT54GS and have it behave more like a AP or if you think about it this way, have it behave like a wireless switch which is essentially what an AP is to begin with.

Alternatively, if you think you already have it setup correctly and can't get on-line, double check that you don't have any IP filters turned on or MAC filtering turned on that may be preventing access to the outside world.

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did i miss something

by smacfawn In reply to What You Need Is...

i don't think you said that the vonage device was a wireless router. There is the PAP2, RTP31P2, RTP300 all of which are not wireless. You can have 2 wireless routers even if the vonage one is a wireless, just turn off the wireless on the vonage device and have it connected directly to your modem and put the wrt54gs off of the lan on the vonage and then run your network off of that. Most linksys routers will not support being turned in to a wireless access pt. A switch yes, but a wireless access point no. Make sure that if their is any security that you have it set up right.
Do an ipconfig on your pc to see what type of IP you get. If it ends in the .15.10x then you are getting it from the vonage device, if it ends in .1.10x the it is from the GS device. Can you log in to the router or can you ping the router?What is the error that you get when you try to access the internet? Have you tried typing an IP address in the address bar like (which is yahoo) to make sure it is not something simple like a DNS issue on your new router?

some dlinks can support being turned in to wireless access points, as far as i know linksys devices do not support it without modding the firmware to 3rd party and doing custom code

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