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    Volume control won’t work


    by shilleen ·

    I went to play a sound file,found that I had no volume control icon on taskbar.Tried to open from other places.Didn’t work,nothing happens.Tried to reinstall thru windows setup.Didn’t work.Tried to extract file thru SFC.Nothing.Don’t know why it won’t work or why I can’t get it back.Need help.Don’t want to reinstall everything again!

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      by jc2it ·

      In reply to Volume control won’t work

      I have always heard (no pun intended) that when the sound goes in a computer it may have a virus. I have never experienced this first hand however. Try downloading ClamWin AV and its virus definitions and do a virus scan. Unless you are sure your AV software is working correctly and is up2date.

      If that is not your problem then get out your system documentation, or go to the manufacturer’s web site and figure out what Sound card you have and install the latest driver for it.

      You also might try this:;en-us;279435&sd=tech

      You could also let us know What lead up to this occuring. It would help to Troubleshoot.

      Hope this helps,
      Job Cacka

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      by baadil ·

      In reply to Volume control won’t work

      Check CPanel\System\DeviceManager to make sure your Sound Card Drivers are installed correctly.

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      by master3bs ·

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      Yeah, make sure the device master has no exclamation points or question marks. If it does; go to the manufacturer’s site and download the drivers.

      If there isn’t any sound device at all make sure your sound card is physically installed. Reseat it if its not built into the motherboard.

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      Reply To: Volume control won’t work

      by shilleen ·

      In reply to Volume control won’t work

      Forgot to mention that I get sound when I play a cd.Thanks for all the info .

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      Reply To: Volume control won’t work

      by rickrbyrne ·

      In reply to Volume control won’t work

      Have your tried this,

      1 – Click Start

      2 – Select Settings/Control Panel

      3 – Double Click the Multimedia icon

      4 – Select the Audio tab

      5 – Select the Show volume control on Taskbar option.

      Once enabled, clicking the speaker icon on the Taskbar will launch the volume control slider. Double-clicking the speaker icon will launch the sound boards mixer program.

      -In most cases the small speaker icon is located in the system tray by default.

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      Reply To: Volume control won’t work

      by shilleen ·

      In reply to Volume control won’t work

      Thats the thing,everything is grayed out on the Audio tab…but the CD tab is fine.Can’t set anything.

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        im having the same problem

        by b1belcher ·

        In reply to Reply To: Volume control won’t work

        I am having the same problem. It started for me whne I connected my BIG 400 watt sony stereo to my computer. The only thing that I have found that works, and I know its a hassle, is to go to control panel then system then click the hardware tab then device manager. next expand the (sound, video and game controllers) file. Then you want to look for your audio controller. Mine is intel. Right click on it and uninstall it. next close your device manager after it has finished uninstalling. next in control panel, open add hardware. finally just click next, wait then click finish. after 30 seconds or so, you will get a couple balloons one saying that new hardware was found the other sayin it is ready to use. and now your volume should work. Now that it is working, in control panel, open the sounds and audio devices file and check the (place volume icon in the taskbar box). I have had the same exact problems that you have explined and this worked for me. And it only took me 6 months to figure iit Let me know if this works.

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