Volume level indicator

By poppop31 ·
My volume level indicator don't show up on my desktop, it used to,the volume control on my key board still controls the volume.I am using XP media center SP3,How can i get the indicator back.
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Log in as the Administrator

by OH Smeg In reply to Volume level indicator

Open the Control Panel and left click on the Sounds & Audio Devices. When the next window opens add a tick to the Box that says Place Volume Icon in the Task Bar and check Apply it will now be back on the Task Bar.

If it is currently ticked untick it apply and then tick it again and click on apply it will now be back on the Task Bar.


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Good Mornin' Col.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Log in as the Administrat ...

Ya beat me by less than 2 minutes on this one.

I was just excited to see a question from someone that didn't appear to be from the middle east. Although, by the grammar, I questioned this one, too.

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Good AFTERNOON to both of you...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Good Mornin' Col.

The sooner TR starts using internet time, the better for all us non-Americans to feel we're part of the mix. :)

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You'll ALWAYS be Part Of The Mix, OM. ;-) <nt>

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Good AFTERNOON to both of ...
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Good Mourning Caption. :0

by OH Smeg In reply to You'll ALWAYS be Part Of ...

It was actually the middle of the night when I posted the above. Sometime after midnight local time. I really need to find someone selling a Life on E Bay and buy it ASAP. :^0


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Sell? Buy? How about an even trade? <nt>

by OnTheRopes In reply to Good Mourning Caption. :0
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Here's how to return the one by the clock...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Volume level indicator

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Open the Control Panel (Settings>Control Panel).
3. Double click on the Sound and Audio Devices icon.
4. Select the Volume tab.
5. Put a check in front of 'Place volume icon in the taskbar.'
6. Click Apply & OK and close Control Panel.

There you go.

The icon is now down by the clock so you can adjust volume.

If you were referring to a utility that is exclusive to your sound card, you will need to search in Start>All Programs for it. Once you find the utility in the sound card's program directory, you can right click on it and select Create Shortcut.

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Any idea what causes this?

by cubeslave In reply to Here's how to return the ...

On my XP box at home the Volume Control keeps disappearing from the task bar, and I use just those same steps to bring it back (removing the check/tick mark, applying and putting it back).

Do you have any idea what might be causing this?

I read but it doesn't give any specific causes.

My gut reaction is that if it is doing weird stuff like that, there is no telling what might be going on that I do not notice. Because of that I have even considered reloading the OS.

Aside form it being an infernal chore, I'm old school enough to think that a reload is the absolute last resort for items that cannot be fixed otherwise.

If the annoyance is just caused by some misbehaving app, or registry key that keeps getting corrupted, I would much rather just attack the cause.

On the other hand, if it is a symptom of bigger issues, I'd like to know that too.

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I would suspect...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Any idea what causes this ...

... a Registry Cleaner or Tweaker.
The checked box to add the icon to the Systray is a reflection of a registry setting. Putting the check in the box makes the change to the registry and vice versa. If the check goes away on it's own, then it would make sense that something is making changes to Registry settings. The most likely culprit would be a program that takes control of the Registry. Of course, performing a XP System Restore would also change a registry setting back to what it was.

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The box stays selected, only the control goes away

by cubeslave In reply to I would suspect...

If something were turning it off I might have some starting place about where to look for the problem.

Since I have yet to noticed any pattern to when the control disappears, I don't have any suspects yet.

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