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Volunteer .net programmer

By sbshumate ·
Just where is a place to volunteer your services to while being unemployed for the moment. Everyone says nonprofit groups, but I have tried contacting them and none seem to have anything as to match my career developement needs.

I live in the Louisville area. I am looking to volunteer my programming skills while between jobs to build up my .net skills. I keep coming up goose eggs.

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Need to match in the other direction

by M_a_r_k In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

Non-profits and public organizations (especially public schools) are the best place to find volunteer work. I commend you for not wanting to sit on your rear while waiting for another job. But I think you're being too picky in trying to find a perfect match between your needs and in what the organization needs. You want to keep active, even if you work for free, while you look for a real job. Any experience is better than no experience. It will also impress a prospective employer that you are willing to do anything at all to keep your skills sharp. It's only volunteer work, so if a better volunteer gig comes up, you are free to take that (but be careful to not leave the first organization high and dry with a half-done, undocumented development job). The organization that you volunteer for may eventually offer you a full-time job, work matching your true career aspirations may arise there and best of all, you might make contacts there that could earn you a job elsewhere. The more people that are familiar with your work, the better it is, as long as you do quality work and come to work with a good attitude.

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Non-Profits Don't Develop Software

by bschaettle In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

As you may have discovered, local non-profits simply don't want to be saddled with custom software, even if the labor is free. Are you willing to provide on-going support for the code you write, even after you find a job and possibly move out of the area? Not to insult you, but they have as much need for your skills as they have for a 747.

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by tulsaboyw In reply to Non-Profits Don't Develop ...

Several nonprofits have at times developed or had developed for them (or both) software very specific to what they needed to accomplish.

In several cases Im aware of, it was very unique to the nonprofit needs & methods etc.

Its surprising that people would say that.

In some of the non-profits i have worked at in the past, they were in fact the primary developer of certain products despite the fact that the end product was often free to others once developed.

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by Spinner of Websites In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

relocate to Northern VA....if you can get high security clearance, then you're more valuable. Check out as they have the most complete listings for the state of VA....check it also for KY. I noticed that there were several .NET openings in Louisville, KY. Good Luck!

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the volunteer program

by mcdugray In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

I have interested to your project

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Do you interested in working with us

by adarsh571 In reply to the volunteer program

Dear All,
we are @ fiji International Center for Advanced Technology, if you are interested in working with us as a developer /Software Engineer plz. respond me with ur cv at my email

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Volunteer needed

by jelormd In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

Hi there, I'm actually a volunteer for Novamente LLC, a company which develops artificial intelligence software. We're looking for some assistance with a Crystal Space issue(3D software), which is based on C++, but if you're willing to learn the program, we'd be glad to accept you.

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Do you interested in working for us

by adarsh571 In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

If you are interested to work for us then please respond me at my email address

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by Organic Relief In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

I am in need of a programmer. Please email me. ... Would love to perhaps put someone on my team full time if they are fully qualified.

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.NET Programmer

by dinumathews In reply to Volunteer .net programmer

Hi I am a .NET Programmer .I am looking for opportunities in .NET.Please let me know if you find any ,including volunteer jobs in .NET.

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