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Volunteer Programmers Needed

By jelormd ·
I am a student volunteer for Novamente LLC, an artificial intelligence software company which is looking for more volunteers to help with their operations. At the moment, we specifically need people either proficient in C++ to help with a project in Crystal Space(3D software) or anyone willing to learn the necessary skills.

At the moment we need to integrate the IKAN inverse kinematics library into the 3D simulation environment in AGISim(Crystal Space-based software) to give our humanoid sim robot greater flexibility.

People specializing in other areas can see http://www.agiri.org/wiki/index.php?title=AGI-SIM_Task_List for a list of other areas we need volunteer help with. See http://www.novamente.net/engine for an overview of the entire project.

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What is the best path

by Tig2 In reply to Volunteer Programmers Nee ...

For people who want to work in C++ on the project you mention?

I have not worked in C++ for some time but my fiance has and I have a close friend that would enjoy this kind of challenge.

I understand that this is a "sale" product. My question is whether it will be governed by an Open license.

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Simply contact a project manager

by jelormd In reply to What is the best path

Well right now as long as you're willing to help we're glad to accept you. There are various sections of the project in which we need help; we're hoping to complete this project in under ten years, and that's the optimistic prediction. Of course we don't expect any volunteers to be working that long because the whole software is highly segmented, and each section should take no more than a few weeks to complete. So if we get people working on different sections we'll be making some progress.

If you're currently proficient in C++ or if you simply think you can be of help in the near future just let me know and I will direct you to a project manager who will discuss the details with you.

To answer your second question; yes, the product we're working on is currently under the Open license, but I really don't know if we will change to commercial software after we've established an optimal design.

As for the challenge, we currently have enough to keep a team of PhD scientists on their toes, so your help will be wholeheartedly welcomed. Just let me know if you or your friends are interested; we need a lot of help right now.

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Volunteer Programmers

by strpa03 In reply to Volunteer Programmers Nee ...

Do you still need volunteers ? I am an out of work C programmer with 17+ years of experience. I have 14+ years in UNIX and 17+ years in SQL.

I learned C++ in 1999 and received 2 projects in 2000 that got me a year's experience. Nothing since then.

Note: I also have Java Training and looking for a way of getting experience in that language.

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