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By breathing98 ·
hi, i gradauted with a B.S. comp sci degree from UCSD a couple of weeks ago and been looking for entry level work. Right now i'm thinking about volunteering to gain some real world tech experience. Has anyone gone through this? Or any know of any volunteer organization that recruit tech workers in the Los Angeles/Orange County CA area. Thanks

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Good idea

by DC Guy In reply to volunteering

I haven't done it myself--getting a job was much easier 40 years ago. But a lot of people do exactly that and it works.

There are other variations. You can be the IT guy for a civic organization or even a club. That looks just fine on your resume.

Non-profits don't usually pay well so they sometimes have jobs available. (Although these days people are desperate enough to take anything.) One of the most notorious early "hackers" rehabilitated himself after prison by getting an IT job with a large, desperate charity and eventually being promoted to a rather responsible position.

You could also help people with their home computer systems. It would be better if you could charge them because that automatically defines you as a "professional," but a few letters of praise from happy customers won't do you any harm.

Good luck!

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A couple of suggestions

by CharlieSpencer In reply to volunteering

I don't know about California, but most school districts here in S.C. gladly accept volunteers looking for experience. Also check with non-profit organizations, local computer clubs, and local professional societies.

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by mjd420nova In reply to A couple of suggestions

Look for an opportunity with some longevity.
Meaning an entry level opening with a large
business or a widespread location kind of
thing. I spent many an hour on the road to service a remote location and always had
a happy ride home after success. This leads
to a wider responsiblity and a wider range
for you to choose your desired direction in
life. I always thought it was fun to get paid
for a job I liked to do and the happiness I
created upon a completed job.

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Great way to start

by antuck In reply to volunteering

I did the same when I completed my studies in computers. I had lived in San Diego and volunteered for a company (can't remember the name) that had taken over the Counties IT department. They were replacing all of the computers and I would take the old ones and check them out and reload a copy of Windows. They would then donate them to schools.

For me this was a win win situation. I gained some valuable experience and was able to put this on a resume. I also figured that a perspective employer would like seeing that on a resume.

I also called around to the local grade schools and other charity places. Usually, when I said volunteer, they were very happy.

I still to this day do some volunteer work for a local charity place. I know they don't have the money for an IT staff or to have anyone come in and work on there computers. It is really nice to walk in and have everyone excited your there.

BTW, great school to go to. What a sweet location in LaJolla.

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by Creative-ET In reply to Great way to start

I like your style andy. How do you find time to volunteer though assuming that you now have a full-time job?

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self employeed

by antuck In reply to

I work for my self so I am able to set my hours. It does become difficult when a pay customer and the place I volunteer for calls at the same time. I do try and treat the volunteer place the same as any other customer, knowing that when there computers are down they need them too. But, I do need to eat also, so the paying customer will come first and if needed, I'll go in before or after hours to volunteer.

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