Vonage hook up!

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Help! I recently got vonage phone service, (had it years ago with no problem) but now I have a modem and a router. I have my cable hooked up to my modem, then to my vonage box, then to my router and finally to my computer. But with it that way I keep losing my wifi for my laptop and sometimes my internet connection for... my desktop. So I've taken out the vonage. Should I be hooking it up in a different sequence? Right now I've gone back to just using my magicjack for phone, but I'm paying for the monthly service for vonage that I can't seem to use! What do you suggest?

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Connecting a router/firewall to a router/firewall is bad

by robo_dev In reply to Vonage hook up!

There are two ways to do Vonage:

One way is with their router (typically Linksys RTP300), the other is with a plain-vanilla telephone adapter such as the Linksys PAP2.

Without going into all the technical details, plugging a router into another router does not work well.

When you say 'Vonage Box', what device are you using?

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How many IP's?

by oldbaritone In reply to Vonage hook up!

It sounds like you have two devices connected to one Internet connection. Do you have more than one IP from your ISP?

Here, if I hook up more than one device directly to the cable modem, only one will receive an IP address. I would have to subscribe and pay extra to get more IP's.

OTOH, I just plugged my router into the Cable modem, and the vonage box into my router on the LAN side, and everything is fine. A couple of tweaks on the router's QoS to give priority to the vonage connection.

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