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VP wants to Secure Network Admins from sensative data

By vklavon ·
My supervisor, the company Vice President, wants to know what other companies do to control their network administrators accessing data they should not see. He has suggested purchasing software to log the admins access to sensitive data. I am one of two network admins. Each would report on the other's activity to the VP. He also suggested that the admins should login with a limited user account when performing "normal" work, like writting proposals, documentation, etc. Does anyone have any similar experiences and what are they?

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Administrators should

by zlitocook In reply to VP wants to Secure Networ ...

Only log in as admins. to do server work anyway. But the VP needs to have training or a good knowledge of IT before even trying to watching his IT people. IT people are vary sensitive about being watched and down right cranky about non IT people watching them.
This needs to be a policy that every one signs and all parties understand because it could lead to litigation and other bad stuff.
Some times IT needs to get to data just to help users or to fix things like data corruption.
I work for a company that manages people?s data and there are many programs, tests to be sure you understand what they teach you and allot of policy forms to sign.
We can not access data unless we need to and then we have to go through a security process by calling the help desk and they pass the ticket to security. They create a login for me that only last for a predetermined time.
This may sound bad but it is part of SOX and other regulations. You may not need so many hoops to jump through but this gives you an idea what some companies do.
But watch what the big guys ask for because they like control and IT needs access to every thing if it is removed the IT guys get slower in how they do things. Not because of people watching it is because now they can not try or do things that may help or may not want to try new things.
Start removing things and it will cause a ripple that effects how every thing is done. It needs to be a company wide discussion.

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Pet peeve

by jdmercha In reply to VP wants to Secure Networ ...

If you don't trust me with access to sensitive data, then don't hire me.

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