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    VPC Windows XP Pro


    by andymillward ·

    I recently had major trouble upgrading Virtual PC on my Apple
    PowerBook to v7. In the course of converting, it screwed up my
    existing virtual machine which now tells me a file called
    \system32\ntoskrnl.exe is “corrupt or missing.”

    With help, I extracted the XP Pro environment off my VPC6 disks
    and installed it in the VPC7 environment. All well and good,
    except it’s asking for the Product Key. Naturally, I can find the
    licence documentation but not the COA with a valid key.

    What is the best route to recovering a valid key for this fully
    legal copy, and is it any different to a full copy of XP Pro in this
    respect? It’s clearly not a unique number.

    Will I need further information to complete the installation?



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