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As I try to setup a VPN server for users running win2000, our Windows 2000 CD is lost, it seems the CD is how to get the VPN server setup started. We're on a tight budget, I cannot ask the boss for the dough to buy a Windows 2000 server CD. I need agood idea on getting this VPN server setup, never done it before, thanks.

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by Klingon In reply to VPN

Not sure what you mean by a "VPN server". I set up a vpn on my network and it was a breeze. If your users already have win2kpro on their machines, the vpn functionality should already be installed. What purpose are you setting up this vpn? I set oneup so that management could access the corporate network from home. Here's all I had to do:

1. Open up the firewall for the appropriate users to get in using the appropriate protocol.
2. On the client side, just go to Network and Dial-Up Connections and Make a New Connection.
3. Select Connect to a private network using the Internet.
4. Enter the IP address of the firewall.

It was pretty easy. You'll have to tweak settings to accomodate for however your network is configured. The only thing I had to be sure to do was include the domain name in the logon box and I was in. (I think this was because of how I set up my firewall.)

Hope this helps.

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