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Briefly Describe the technologies involved in VPN.

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Here is a brief but powerful helper

by IC-IT In reply to VPN
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Not a "brief" thing to do...

by alxcsby In reply to Here is a brief but power ...

He's right, it's too in-depth. If you're just curious about the basics, here's an oversimplified idea.
Most places use a physical router (like firebox) to enable their VPN, then they team it with software (like MUVPN).
The router intercepts information between your local network and the huge series of tubes known as the internet.
The router knows not to let someone (e.g. into your local network.
The VPN software opens a tunnel through the router via a key or passphrase. The router then applies a local IP address, allowing communication back and forth through itself.

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by -Q-240248 In reply to VPN

A VPN is a tunnel, from an Internet or remote computer, to another network. It creates a 'tunnel', usually encrypted, between you and your destination to make it look like you are on their local network. You can make VPN tunnels with software or hardware. You can do it with a windows machine and a windows server on the receiving end, or you can do it between hardware devices such as routers or specific VPN devices. Short and sweet.

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