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My question is regarding Virtual Private Network (VPN). Is there any one who can explain for me the major advantage and disadvantage of VPN when it?s used for small business or individuals? How does it best configured to meet the security criteria in general term? And what is the best protocol to set up VPN and among other issues? My last question is that who uses VPN most and for what purpose? Also if you have any general knowledge base explanation about VPN, is appreciated.
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by maxwell edison In reply to VPN

From my experience:

Who uses a VPN the most? Those people who can't leave work behind them when they go home. Actually, in all seriousness, upper management needing to access files, people travelling out of town, the 24/7 type workers instead of the 8 to 5 workers, etc.

Major advantages: Having a "seamless" and secure connection to the office servers. A VPN remote client can access a shared drive, for example, as seamlessly as accessing his own C-Drive.

Best protocol: In my opinion, IPSec.

Other: On the office end, especially for a small business and/or only a few remote users, use a Linksys BEFVP41 VPN/Firewall router. You can define/create up to 70 VPN tunnels. You configure the router to "accept" a VPN client by defining the exact user and, what's called, a "shared-key" (password). The setup is relatively simple.

On the client end, you can use a VPN client software such a SSH Sentinel. You configure the software for the same user and shared-key. The VPN software can connect with any open Internet connection, and it's as safe and secure as any.

A pretty good VPN resource:

Those links should help and/or provide further links.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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