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    by estherz80 ·

    Hi All,

    We have faced a problem when users ( Malaysia) trying to connect to the network in the headquater( Singapore) by using the VPN Client software. Our headquarter is using VPN 3000 concentrator. The first user ( Malaysia ) will get VPN disconnected when the 2nd user is connected to VPN.Currently, Malaysia is using Cisco 1720 Series Router , and the NAT and gateway is perform in the router. All the users are assigned with a private IP address. Can someone advise us how to solve the problem to prevent the users from getting the VPN disconnected.


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      by laird.beamesderfer ·

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      It sounds as if you have just one VPN Client connection allowed at a time on the Cisco 1720.
      You must have multiple connections allowed for any type of “dial-in”/”remote access”. If you have only one connection allowed, the first user will be disconnected to allow the new user.

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      by angsys ·

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      by david.otten ·

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      If you’re using Cisco Systems VPN Dialler,start up the client on the PCs, go to options/properties, and change the GENERAL Tab so that each user uses a different TCPPORT if you’re using IPSEC Over TCP.

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