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VPN access to Active Directory Domain

By neal_breakthru ·
I have a central data center connecting to a series of remote offices (some of which are simply home offices) via VPN Tunnels. My question is should all of these client machines be able to access Active Directory and participate in the domain? Most of the sites are too small to run a server or domain controller. All can see the central DNS server and participate in the network without being a part of the domain. Each site has a separate subnet.

When I made one Windows 2000 Pro machine a domain member it returned a message (after a very long -- 45 minute -- login) that it could not find a domain controller for the domain.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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VPN access to Active Directory Domain

by Joseph Moore In reply to VPN access to Active Dire ...

No way!
There is no need for these remote VPN clients to be domain members! That would be overkill!
The remote users can just be on their own (members of their own domains, or Workgroups, or Win9x boxes), and they can have the VPN connection into your network. Once in, if the users need to FTP or HTTP, they should be fine; going through the VPN tunnel. If the users need to access shared folders or documents or shared printers, then you can just build valid logins in your AD. Then, just tell the remote users to map drives to the shared folders using the Connect As option, and have them specify the user name and password you made in your AD.

hope this helps

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