VPN Access To Company LAN

By Starry997 ·
I have VPN access setup on my Secure Computing Router. The Router also has a firewall. At home, I can get on our LAN and access our servers. My home access is DSL. The work LAN is a domain LAN. All the workstations and my home PC are Windows XP. Some SP2 and some SP3. A contractor with a Vista laptop has access trouble. From some locals (A different corp LAN and I think from home), he has no trouble accessing our LAN and getting on our servers. But if he is at a hot spot, he often can't VPN to our network at all, or if he can, ends up having access trouble with our servers. Does it have something to do with the firewall on the router? This will become an issue for me as well, as I will want to be able to do remote support from some place other than home and was considering a netbook with Windows 7 when that is available.

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few questions

by aandains In reply to VPN Access To Company LAN

So both you and the contractor have your home routers configured to connect to the work VPN? The "different corp LAN" is that also within the same organization and has a VPN connection to the main office already or is it a different organization?

What brand gateway/firewall are you using? Is the contractor just using the built in function of Windows or are you connecting with software provided by the firewall vendor?

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few questions

by Starry997 In reply to few questions

The router is a SnapGear 560 by Secure Computing. We both have the correct IP address and user/password information. We are using the built-in VPN software on our PCs that I setup through Network Connections. The firewall came with the router. It calls it packet filtering on the configuration. The VPN access is also part of the SnapGear router.

The different corp LAN is a LAN that belongs to a totally different company that the contractor works at and has permission to use since he does work for them as well. I don't know the particulars of the other LAN...just that he is using their Internet access to connect with my LAN.

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VPN Access

by craig_willied In reply to few questions

thula, I noted that you stated that the problem appears when he is at "hotspots". Some hotspots may not have their network to allow VPN access. I was recently staying at a major hotel chain that allowed wired and wireless internet access but to use my VPN client I had to pay an additional service charge. I suspect that this is the issue. You can ask the "hotspots" do they allow VPN access but you'll probably only get the dear in the head lights look from the staff behind the desk as they may not have a clue as to what you are referring to. Since other corporate locations are working,the routers/firewalls at the hotspots are probably the issue. Hope this helps!

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