VPN Access to secondary Subnet

By sheltomt ·
Our network has a NAT box that separates our Private side from our Public side.

Our VPN comes into our Private side to a 2003 server. This is a network. Our public side is a network.

How can I allow "\\server\" style browsing, as well as remote desktop, when my users are VPN'd in?

Currently, all it will do is resolve a name if you "ping servername" from command line. It won't ping back, browse, anything.

Please explain with any answers, I haven't set a VPN up before and as such I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for in the Routing and Remote access area.


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by sheltomt In reply to VPN Access to secondary S ...

I should clarify that the NAT simply directs incoming traffic and serves as a simple "deny" style firewall. There are no rules on the NAT that keep these two networks from seeing each other.

Also, when you are physically logged into the Private side of the network via a work computer, there is no problem with connecting to the Public side.

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Problem solved

by sheltomt In reply to VPN Access to secondary S ...

We have one user who could browse the network fine. So it had to be something with either his login or his VPN connection configuration.

Knowing it had to be some sort of routing or gateway setting, I checked his Advanced TCP/IP settings. He had a checkmark in "Use default gateway on remote network".

I've instructed my users who need to browse the public side of the network how to put this checkmark in, and to take it out if they experience any odd problems.

Problem solved.

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