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    Vpn and add-ons


    by favefla ·

    If I get NordVpn and I have the following add-ons or actually. How will add-ons in general effect my security, can they leak my ip-adress. I have firefox and the addons, simple translate, disconnect, privacy badger, Profanity filter, Ublock-origin and facebook container. If I have them turned on, how can they compromise my security. And do I still need add-ons like disconnect if I use a Vpn?

    And if you have a Vpn turned on like NordVpn or Expressvpn will it automatically connect on the browser you use for your internet searches.

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      Is this a comment about their lack of support?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Vpn and add-ons

      Is it that bad or they don’t answer?

      While I use a VPN I think you should ask Nord directly or try

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      Not everytime

      by johnkent21 ·

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      You need to save that in the setting. If you auto connect features and see if they provide it. There are many VPNs that provide these functionality.

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