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VPN and intranet setup

By togo9 ·
I have been commissioned to set a an intranet and vpn for aclient with 3 regional offices , to incorporate voip , file sharing , print sharing etc
Current head office has 4 servers namely mail server , i file server , backup server and proxy server, the email server is linux 7.2, file sever windows 2000 server , backup server windows 2000 professional, and proxy server linux 7.2 , the other office has a proxy server on linux , and the other no server but a cisco router , also the hq has a cisco router and asmi 51 modem for lease line for the proxy server and the mail server is connected via another isp through cable , all in all there are 2 isp serving the client 1 for email and internet and another for wan connectivity. Now the main requirement is to set the wan in search a way that everybody gets his mail from centralised mail server , can share files and also the phone system can be integraded to use VOIP. Please advice as i have to give the cost , hardware upgrade requirements, than set the vpn , and the intranet , the client user leve in total is 110 users .Thanks

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by CG IT In reply to VPN and intranet setup

What Cisco router are on the LAN. What managed switches. What firewall [e.g. hardware or software or a combination]. How many intranet routers you got e.g.subnetting or do you use the managed switches for subnetting.

VoIP...Cisco equipment? 3Com?? also who's the provider and what do they say is needed? Is the VoIP intranet usage only?

What mail server service have you decided to use and it's probably NOT a good idea to have 3 offices get mail from one location.

What are the security requirements of the 3 offices? You might be looking at a couple of domains here if there are some intranet security needs in one or more offices.

Is there any company growth anticipated in any of the 3 locations?

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by CG IT In reply to

what offices produce the most traffic? is one office like this little dinky office with just a couple of people in it? How many remote access users are you going to have? any plan to make that grow?

Running mostly Linux I see, I would wait until after the 1st of the year, nab Solaris 10, dump the Windows based servers.

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by Nico Baggus In reply to VPN and intranet setup

well, there are still some questions...
You don;t mention intended line capacity to
interconnect sites.
Netscreen probably has the hardware you need at
an affordable price. It can handle Qos (probably
needed to prevent VOIP from being killed by a
ftp-transfer. When using linux as the gateway
look for or freeswan
predesessor. Find out what technology can help
you ie do all your providers enable you to use
IPSEC? (preferable, if not you need to use SSL
tunneling probably)....

More info on the network side would be helpful

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by wlbowers In reply to VPN and intranet setup

When you added the word voip you increased your bandwidth requirements. You'r not gonna do multiple connections of voip through cable.

You can get a lot of good information through TR.

If you were my client I would call in Cisco for configuration requirements.

This is not a system you are gonna through together with a few cable, or dsl modems.

Cisco will upon request provide you with hardware and software recommendations.

Good Luck


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