VPN and network shares

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I ran into a behaviour that goes beyond my understanging and I'd be glad if someone could bring some light into this matter...

We're using VPN to connect remotely to the office network from home and that works with no problem. Once connected the remote desktop also works beautifully. It's the network shares that are giving the hard time - only on one server.

If I open up the file explorer after creating a VPN connection and try to connect to \\server1 I only get the login prompt that won't let me through. I've tried with my domain username as well as domain\username with no joy. If I try to connect to network share with \\server1.domain.local I'm allowed through. If I use server1's IP address I can connect to it.

This is the part where it gets tricky: Every other workstation & server in the network is accessible using their hostnames without the .domain.local part. On top of that I can ping server1 and it's IP address gets resolved.

The server1 acts as a DC, DHCP server and DNS server in our network. Does this have some effect?


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ping = connectivity doesn't necessarily mean access

by CG IT In reply to VPN and network shares

when you say workstations are accessible, does that mean you access shares? if so, that's how this is supposed to work unless the admin restricts access.

By default, shares have the everyone group assigned to them with read permissions. Therefore everyone including your neighbor and the pet dog, can read what's in a shared folder. To restrict shared to particular groups, have to remove the everyone group, then assign the group you want to grant access and set the level of permissions.

If WINS server is available on the network along with NetBios over TCP/IP then host names should resolve. NetBIOS over TC/IP is only needed for servers and clients that are pre W2K or other operating systems that are not native TCP/IP. If you only have servers and clients that are W2K and above and don't have non Windows clients that need NetBIOS over TCP/IP you can turn it off.

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Any updates

by prafulnama In reply to VPN and network shares

I am facing the same problem and just wanted to check if this had got resolved?

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